Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Relief Society Recipes (July)

Easy, Velvety  Microwave Hot Fudge Sauce
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Cook Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Yield: 20 servings   
Microwave chocolate sauce that you can make in just 5 minutes! This is soooooo yummy!
  • 1 cup milk chocolate chips
  • ½ cup corn syrup
  • ¼ cup butter
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • Dash of salt

  1. Combine 1 cup milk chocolate chips, ½ cup corn syrup, ¼ cup butter in a 4-cup glass dish and microwave for 1 minute. Stir well.
  2. Add 1 can sweetened condensed milk,1 tsp. vanilla, and a dash of salt.
  3. Blend well and microwave until bubbly (about 1 minute). Stir and serve over ice cream. Refrigerate remaining sauce in an air-tight container. Will keep for several weeks.

Pressure Cooker Mexican Shredded Pork   My Way by Nancy Judd   
Makes servings Adjust Recipe (Help)

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